Laser Cutting
A process allowed to cut out any desire shape requested by customer, with the combination of our RI tube laser cutting system, customized shape also can be applied on tube. Our Amada FO MII RI 3015 CO2 laser machine able to achieve with a tolerance ±0.02mm and cutting up 22mm thickness steel plate in a stable condition.
A deformation of sheet metal and changing its shape along with a straight axis. Our Amada HM1003 bending machine able to bend up to 3 meter length and more efficiency on complicated bending parts due to full auto axis implied.
Turret Punching
Allowed cut out and forming process on sheet metal by using tooling press punch method. Our 2 turret punching machine Amada Pega 244 & Pega 358S able to meet your needs.
Laser Welding
An advance welding technique recent years, a process to join together of metals to form a desire part with a better quality and finishing by using highly concentrated beam of light.
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